On The Waterfront

A staple of the Nebraska culture is water. Whether is be the rivers, lakes, or creeks. You can tell the weather by the water level, what kind of year it will be for crops, and what you will be doing for the weekend. Growing up in small-town Nebraska meant that by the end of the week the fun was floating down the river or going to the nearest body of water to pull the rube behind the boat. The love of the waterfronts brought on for inspiration for a spur of the moment shoot with Hali. We loaded up after she had done her own beautiful hair and makeup and headed out on a beautiful evening. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in the water as planned due to recent flooding and strong currents. Regardless the images yielded gave me Stevie Nick’s vibes with the crocheted dress, tattoos, and her new do. Join our Facebook group for the next model call for a chance to shoot.

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