Gold Meddle

The day began with Gold Meddle at the skate park in Kearney and featured some very unique guests. Hali, Paige, Roxy, Roper, and Brian(the owner and designer) were fantastic models for the brand. The only specification for the day was that they styled the tees and tanks how they would wear them in their every day lives. As we were taking photographs down some alleyways we ran in to some individuals doing construction in the back. A not uncommon scene on a Sunday downtown but they had a special assistant with them. She goes by the name Medusa and was a very social and beautiful ball python. They were generous enough to let us borrow her briefly and we came to know that they are Zoozeum; one of the wonderful businesses on central that dedicates their days to animals in the shop and educated individuals about those animals. We all ended the day on a high note and an appreciate for how three small business; a photographer, designer/printer, and animal lovers can work together.


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