In a Daze

I have had the privilege of working with a few of the models from Develop Model Management. One thing I can say without hesitation is that all the women I have had the privilege to work with have been kind women. All these women come from different backgrounds and awesome side hustles going on. Hannah is an amazing young women who not only is attending college, working basically full time, and modeling. She is a triple threat of a kind, smart, and gorgeous young woman. We talked through a lot of different ideas and the projection theme was a winner. I knew what I wanted for the style aspect but struggled in finding the right outfit so this is where Cher came in. Cher of LOL Cowgirl Western Wear is a very accomplished western designer that I have had the privilege of working with in the past and we had spoke about collaborating on some ideas that I had but don't have the skills in design to put them into action. The beautiful gown you see photographed was the result. Waiting to invest in some local artists for the jewelry aspect I ran across Jaden Carlson Studios where she makes some beautiful pieces. Looking for something that was both monochromatic but still a statement earring was such an easy endeavor. All these creatives resulted on a series I hope to continue in expanding.


Neon Dreams

Abbie is a young women I came across on instagram and hoped to work with. After a little while of planning and finding another wonderful photographer that would rent out her studio the process began. I packed my bag full of all the colorful items I had been collecting in hopes of doing this photo series. With all the rainbow in tow Abbie and I made some awesome color magic. It has been a little while since I have been in a studio but this just made me even more excited to get to the point in my career to invest in my own space.


Scouting Kearney- Part 2

It started with a last minute Facebook post looking for a model for a beautiful sunshine filled day that breaks up the bleak Nebraska winter weather. Hali was one of the first to respond so we went out to make some magic. Previously, Hali, who also does amazing hair and makeup, and I had ventured to Omaha for a shoot that ended up falling through. Instead we went thrift shopping. She found an awesome yellow velvet dress that she rocked for this shoot with my personal favorite of a bit of edge added. We proceeded to walk around and stopped when we something caught our eye. Some quick shooting made for a good time and some awesome photographs and I cannot wait for the next collaboration.


Scouting Kearney

Emily was up for adventuring out in some negative degree weather. We both worked extremely fast but it yielded some awesome shots. Exploring Kearney on a could day is a little difficult but we managed to find some beautiful backdrops. I looked over at the pallets and she was one step ahead and ascended the pallets. There were some amazing angles and I cannot wait to do some more in the warm weather.



Kasandra and I had been trying to work together for quite a bit and it felt like the universe was just trying to conspire against our shoots with the weather. Nebraska is very unpredictable but it finally gave us a snowy day with beautiful sun rays. Breaking the ice was so easy with her and not only does she model but she styles and designs fashion. Her style stood out again the snow and made this shoot look so flawless.


Gold Meddle

The day began with Gold Meddle at the skate park in Kearney and featured some very unique guests. Hali, Paige, Roxy, Roper, and Brian(the owner and designer) were fantastic models for the brand. The only specification for the day was that they styled the tees and tanks how they would wear them in their every day lives. As we were taking photographs down some alleyways we ran in to some individuals doing construction in the back. A not uncommon scene on a Sunday downtown but they had a special assistant with them. She goes by the name Medusa and was a very social and beautiful ball python. They were generous enough to let us borrow her briefly and we came to know that they are Zoozeum; one of the wonderful businesses on central that dedicates their days to animals in the shop and educated individuals about those animals. We all ended the day on a high note and an appreciate for how three small business; a photographer, designer/printer, and animal lovers can work together.


Citrus Haze

It was round two for the competition with Scout Editorial sponsored by Develop Model Management. I discovered a beautiful bridal boutique in Omaha known as NOA. The owner was so generous to let us use her fantastic shop as our location. Cher Scoville assisted with the styling of the lovely Carli, Cydnee, and Marissa of Develop Model Management. Annessa Malzacher came through with wonderful makeup and hair skills to tie it all together. It was a trying day but the team made it an amazing experience. Through all the hard work and determination we received a runner up position. I am waiting in anticipation for the next competiton and am currently searching for Fashion Designers to be part of this wonderful experience.


Uptown Funk

I needed some more male models to fill my portfolio and my dear friend Flint stepped forward. In return he requested some very "patriotic" photographs but I was happy to do so. We explore the rural and "city" life of Funk, Nebraska. If you are interested in modeling for The Siren's Lens or would like to see when the next model call is follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Chasing Colors

A continuation of the series. Roxy and I took to the streets of Kearney, Nebraska feeling a little blue. She had beautiful blue tones that coordinated with the beautiful mural with an amazing message. Some very bold makeup and the vibrant velvet jacket made for some great, fun, spur of the moment photos.


LOL Cowgirl on Location

It's always a good time photographing with LOL Cowgirl. She had a friend generously offer up her home for these photos along with some beautiful horses. It was fun to see LOL in it's natural world among the horses and the prairie life. All the women who modeled had or are in some way related to the Horse Show world.


Scouting Kearney

Living in around the Kearney area is always an adventure. There is an unbelievable array of generous individuals that want to support and nurture the entrepreneurs and artists around the area. One particular business that I was lucky enough to work with is Buffalo Records. Not only was the record store a beautiful representation of what it is to bring a whole different time to the world but the selection is incredible. Hali joined me at the record store for some wonderful new angles and lighting. It was a great day to say the least and I hope to go back again for more experiences.


On The Waterfront

A staple of the Nebraska culture is water. Whether is be the rivers, lakes, or creeks. You can tell the weather by the water level, what kind of year it will be for crops, and what you will be doing for the weekend. Growing up in small-town Nebraska meant that by the end of the week the fun was floating down the river or going to the nearest body of water to pull the rube behind the boat. The love of the waterfronts brought on for inspiration for a spur of the moment shoot with Hali. We loaded up after she had done her own beautiful hair and makeup and headed out on a beautiful evening. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in the water as planned due to recent flooding and strong currents. Regardless the images yielded gave me Stevie Nick’s vibes with the crocheted dress, tattoos, and her new do. Join our Facebook group for the next model call for a chance to shoot.

Sweet & Savory

Everything from Mother’s home cooking to delectable delicacies the world of food is interesting and unique that needs to be explored and appreciated. Let your tastebuds wander with this delicious depictions. An impromptu trip to Omaha ended with one of my favorite things. French macarons from Jones Bros Cupcakes and one of their new Boba Light drinks. They definitely tasted as good as they looked.

Touring Lincoln

Joe and I set out in a location search on a very rainy day. It guided us to the Lincoln, Nebraska State Capitol. He brought his a game with his style and modeling. I do not get to shoot with male models very often so to shoot with Joe was a treat. The beautiful, rich aesthetic of the capitols several art works and architecture complimented the change of shirts that we choose to feature with the wardrobe change.

LOL Cowgirl at Holdrege Floral Expressions

Some western-hippy-edgy boutique clothing by LOL Cowgirl Western Designs and a gorgeous location made this already stunning woman; Nicole, stand out and represent the LOL brand. For this vintage vibes we headed to the mesmerize Funk Lagoon where the water shimmered and the steady Nebraska wind blew. We decided Nebraska wind was a little too steady for us to shoot the remaining clothing outside and took refuge in the vibrant, blooming Greenhouse at Holdrege Floral Expressions. Among the blooming plants Nicole truly shined and the colorful blooms complimented her unique, and refreshing sense of style.

Vintage Allure

Develop Model Management set up a brand new contest. The contest format put a photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and a clothing stylist together to create editorial images. I was so fortunate to work with very talented women to create a dynamic series of photographs. We picked our theme that put together some amazing vintage pieces, woodland setting, and some dynamic edgy makeup to create a great juxtaposition of soft, feminine pieces with edgier, bolder makeup and hair. Alongside the talented models supplied by Develop Model Management we achieved a 3rd place position.

LOL Cowgirl Meets Kitt’s Coffee Bar and Calico Coffee Company

Natashia and I met for two very important things; coffee and clothes. Cher from LOL Cowgirl Western Designs supplied some cute and comfy clothes and Kitt’s supplied the sunbathed ambience. I had the pleasure of working with Natashia for the first time on a Sunday afternoon. I ordered my absolute favorite, a Vanilla Bean Latte and a lemon bar, and began to put the outfits together. Throughout the day we chased the sunlight and enjoyed all that this wonderful coffee shop had to offer. Tables so clean that they worked as mirror, sun drenched wooden floors that made the western boutique wear feel at home among the modern, rustic vibes. The photoshoot resulted in authentic smiles and ponchos that were cozy and fashionable.

Poinsettias & Plaid

Holdrege Floral Expressions was full of gorgeous poinsettias with a light coming in that just begged to be photographed in. Roxy and Brian were up for a day full of plaid and featured some of Brian’s own designs from Gold Meddle.  It makes for a truly wonderful experience when two artists and a gypsy soul are able to come together. The vibrant reds and clean whites made for a scene that was the perfect type of Christmas inspired shoot in the series Poinsettias & Plaid.

Chloe + Isabel

Chloe + Isabel became a part of my life in 2017 as a result I have beautiful pieces of jewelry to photograph. I sharpened up my indoor photography skills and took some pieces that I have in my own home to create some unique and interesting displays. Sparkles and bright lighting make for great photographs.

The Witching Hour

Witches books, cauldrons, circus tents, and deathly fortune tellers. These are the things that Halloween is made of. Roxy and Annessa helped me in making some creative scenes come to life. Roxy and her husband created a circus tent that was fit for a ringmaster and Annessa and I set an eery scene outside that involved candles and cauldrons in the series The Witching Hour.

This Ann That Vinyl

This Ann That Vinyl sent me some absolutely gorgeous lightweight earrings to photographed that paired perfectly with some of my vintage finds. The earrings can only be described as looking luxurious and quality products. In the near future I will be putting them on some lovely models but in the meantime enjoy some eye candy in the form of sparkly earrings.

Chasing Colors

I put out a post in the local Buy/Sell/Trade to see if anyone had a sunflower field. Almost immediately a local man 20 minutes away from my home said he had one that we could use plus his surrounding property. This gentleman was so polite and generous and the backstory was even better. The gentleman plants the sunflowers yearly for his wife because she loves them and the wildlife so much. Roxy and I ventured through our make up bags and decided to coordinate the lipstick with the sunflowers and do a wonderful editorial shoot. In between the period rain we decided to venture to Holdrege, Nebraska.

Annessa decided to join the fun later that week and we did some mural chasing in Kearney, Nebraska. We discovered some beautiful hand painted murals and some uniquely colored doors. Paired with a dress from the local boutique  Bow & Arrow and a thrill for explorations we added on to the series Chasing Colors.

Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Hello Beautiful Prom & Formal Wear for Prom. There prom ambassadors were an absolute treat to work with. They have such a diverse group of women that all have one thing in common. They are beautiful inside and out. With the eclectic variety of dresses from very simple structured pieces to sequined flow evening gowns they had everything a young woman; and myself, could ever want. I’m not sure how these women could narrow down their choices with such an array of flattering gowns but it made me want to go back to Prom days.

Gothic Glitter

Natural light made this photography series what it was born to be. A black bath bomb by PopNatural‘s black bath bomb and a top by Victoria’s Secret. We turned a chiffon crop top into a tasteful sheer blouse that added just enough mystery to this moody, dark photoshoot. The steampunk sunglasses paired with the winged eyeliner made for an editorial boudoir shoot that will be one of my favorites. The hard work and dedication by Annessa and myself gained us a feature on the Elizabeth Craig Education website with this specific image from Gothic Glitter.

Bekbek Makes

Bekbek Makes sent me a couple of her unique, handmade pieces to photograph. These pieces were so beautifully made and one was never like the other. The quality of the pieces and the touches if glitter made them a dream to photograph.

Buying The Ticket

In the state of Nebraska there is a time a year that everyone looks forward to. That time of year is fair season. More specifically the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, Nebraska. Amy and I spent a couple hours at the State Fair playing games and with lights. We had a lot of fun using the games and rides as backgrounds. It felt like going back to childhood. The excitement, fun, and the food. We ended the night with a funnel cake and laughs in the photo session Buying The Ticket.

Self Exploration

A night free at home mixed with Jeffree Star cosmetics and an Elephant Ear plant combined to help me with a little Self Exploration. It’s all about learning to love yourself and discovering the ways to represent yourself in the correct light. It was a lot trial and error with positioning and a change of lighting. It was very interesting putting myself in the position of my models and feel what they feel. It was a very raw and unfiltered experience where I have never felt so exposed especially when I saw them full screen on my computer and began to edit them. Welcome to my self portrait project of Self Exploration.


Metallic leather jackets, poinsettias, and uniquely colored lipsticks made for a creative night which developed into the Wintertide series. Holdrege Floral Expressions was generous enough to let Roxy and I shoot at their amazing Floral Shop/Greenhouse and spend some day getting some Christmas cheer. The metallic blues brought in the icy chill of Winter and the red featured the vibrant poinsettias and brought the cheer.

Exploring Omaha

Michelle, Tyson, and I met in the Benson neighborhood in Omaha and did some exploring. While exploring we found textures and artwork that were such exciting backdrops and had fun walking and talking. This was one of my favorite series I have done because it was pure, casual fun. Check out the images of Exploring Omaha.


LOL Cowgirl Western Designs & Buffalo Grounds

Cher  of LOL Cowgirl Western Designs approached me with and idea to collaborate with a fellow western wear designers to combiner her beautifully structured tops with Sherry of Buffalo Grounds‘ playful skirts. Together they made for some beautiful outfits and the fits were amazing on our models. The ladies were naturals and made it easy to get some authentic shots that featured real emotions and showcased the clothing in a fun way.


The Occult has always fascinated me so when Roxy and Annessa asked me to make headdresses for a Voodoo themed Halloween party I wholeheartedly agreed in exchange for photographs. The costumes combined with Annessa’s makeup and hair talents joined together with the night to make a dark and sinister photo series come to life.


The Good Life

Nebraska, The Good Life, is represented in small town Nebraska life. For me, growing up in a small town that meant going with my Mom to pick Chokecherries to make her homemade jelly. This involved getting permission from the farmers to pick by their fields and a lot of minimum maintenance roads. This photo series showcases the highs and lows of growing up in Central Nebraska; The Good Life.

Inked Up

Tattoos are a personal expression of a person’s interior on their exterior. A permanent extensions of that individual soul. The goal for this photo series was to showcase the individuals body and how those tattoos and their designs can be better expressed by a particular scene and lighting set up. Join me in viewing the lovely artwork in Inked Up.

Fashion Kills

Fashion and the word fierce have been synonymous in our world and through this series I have created some more “couture” pieces and added some edge to every image. Annessa’s looks that could kill mixed with some sunhat, collars, and capes creates images that will make you want to strut your stuff and be a part of the Fashion Kills series.

Blood Bath

By aid of a Victorian inspired dress, fake blood, and a blood red bath bomb by PopNatural. Viewer discretion is advised for this bloody photo set that is both creepy and skin crawling goodness. An extended grin and whiteout contacts makes for some fun in the series Blood Bath.


A red paint that makes your heart skip a beat, waterline styled interior, and the signature fuzzy dice. All the makings of a classic car. The 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air mixed with storm clouds rolling in make for a breathtaking scape to take photographs of a car that started from rusty bones in the series 55′.


Very Superstitious

The cemetery and a building that was once in flames were the backdrops for Annessa and Michelle in this chilling shoot. I crafted a headpiece for the cemetery scene and Annessa did her own makeup and hair to make for a dark and rich photoshoot. We wanted to show the beautiful desperation in the darkness and create a scene that made you heart quicken. Michelle and the disheveled walls made for a scene that gives you chills in Very Superstitious.



Classic cars, old school Coke bottles, and some pin up wear all combine together to create a classic photoshoot. Aubrey and I had a few things in common such as our love for pin up and the vintage lifestyle. We explored Ord, Nebraska that featured a renovated gas station that is now the clubhouse for Valley Rods Unlimited. I grew up in that culture. My father owns a 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air, a gorgeous White stingray, and a red Corvette; my mother also owns a Corvette. All that you need is a blue Corvette to finish off the procession. This appreciation for classic cars is not limited to the cars but also the culture around it. The value that is held in keeping a vehicle in peak condition or restoring something from just the bones. With that value and lifestyle Flashback was created.


Cornfed Couture

Nebraska is not notorious for high fashion and couture. Especially in the rural areas. I took this as a personal challenge to show others how Nebraska can work for commercial and high fashion photography. Accompanied by women who have spent a good part of Nebraska and have various backgrounds ranging from rural women studying to be a Veterinary Technician to a woman of Swiss decent who was majoring in Engineering. All these women were so different but the way they were all joined is that they had the Nebraskan generosity and love of life. Check out some editorial pieces that represent Nebraska in Cornfed Couture.



Ballet. Traditionally an art form of dance performed in such places as grand theaters. It is such a graceful, disciplined dance and was an absolute treat to photograph. To challenge the way you look at ballet I chose to take it out of the traditional location and shoot in downtown Kearney, in the woods, and in rural Nebraska near the glistening river. You can see the beautiful woman in several series whose titles are based upon their location. Michelle graced us in Rural & Urban Ballet, Samantha in Boho Ballet, and Taylor in Industrial Ballet. 2015-2017.


Animal Instinct

Animals are a big part of our world. Whether we have them as pets, work with them, or just see them as we are headed home each day. Annessa, Aubrey, and Melanie were great enough to be a part of this series.This photography series was about showing different interactions of people with their animals and in Aubrey’s case a dog that wanted to be part of our shoot. Annessa, Aubrey, and Melanie were great enough to be a part of this series titled Animal Instinct2015