Poinsettias & Plaid

Holdrege Floral Expressions was full of gorgeous poinsettias with a light coming in that just begged to be photographed in. Roxy and Brian were up for a day full of plaid and featured some of Brian’s own designs from Gold Meddle.  It makes for a truly wonderful experience when two artists and a gypsy soul are able to come together. The vibrant reds and clean whites made for a scene that was the perfect type of Christmas inspired shoot in the series Poinsettias & Plaid.

Chloe + Isabel

Chloe + Isabel became a part of my life in 2017 as a result I have beautiful pieces of jewelry to photograph. I sharpened up my indoor photography skills and took some pieces that I have in my own home to create some unique and interesting displays. Sparkles and bright lighting make for great photographs.

The Witching Hour

Witches books, cauldrons, circus tents, and deathly fortune tellers. These are the things that Halloween is made of. Roxy and Annessa helped me in making some creative scenes come to life. Roxy and her husband created a circus tent that was fit for a ringmaster and Annessa and I set an eery scene outside that involved candles and cauldrons in the series The Witching Hour.

This Ann That Vinyl

This Ann That Vinyl sent me some absolutely gorgeous lightweight earrings to photographed that paired perfectly with some of my vintage finds. The earrings can only be described as looking luxurious and quality products. In the near future I will be putting them on some lovely models but in the meantime enjoy some eye candy in the form of sparkly earrings.

Chasing Colors

I put out a post in the local Buy/Sell/Trade to see if anyone had a sunflower field. Almost immediately a local man 20 minutes away from my home said he had one that we could use plus his surrounding property. This gentleman was so polite and generous and the backstory was even better. The gentleman plants the sunflowers yearly for his wife because she loves them and the wildlife so much. Roxy and I ventured through our make up bags and decided to coordinate the lipstick with the sunflowers and do a wonderful editorial shoot. In between the period rain we decided to venture to Holdrege, Nebraska.

Annessa decided to join the fun later that week and we did some mural chasing in Kearney, Nebraska. We discovered some beautiful hand painted murals and some uniquely colored doors. Paired with a dress from the local boutique  Bow & Arrow and a thrill for explorations we added on to the series Chasing Colors.

Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Hello Beautiful Prom & Formal Wear for Prom. There prom ambassadors were an absolute treat to work with. They have such a diverse group of women that all have one thing in common. They are beautiful inside and out. With the eclectic variety of dresses from very simple structured pieces to sequined flow evening gowns they had everything a young woman; and myself, could ever want. I’m not sure how these women could narrow down their choices with such an array of flattering gowns but it made me want to go back to Prom days.

Gothic Glitter

Natural light made this photography series what it was born to be. A black bath bomb by PopNatural‘s black bath bomb and a top by Victoria’s Secret. We turned a chiffon crop top into a tasteful sheer blouse that added just enough mystery to this moody, dark photoshoot. The steampunk sunglasses paired with the winged eyeliner made for an editorial boudoir shoot that will be one of my favorites. The hard work and dedication by Annessa and myself gained us a feature on the Elizabeth Craig Education website with this specific image from Gothic Glitter.

Bekbek Makes

Bekbek Makes sent me a couple of her unique, handmade pieces to photograph. These pieces were so beautifully made and one was never like the other. The quality of the pieces and the touches if glitter made them a dream to photograph.

Buying The Ticket

In the state of Nebraska there is a time a year that everyone looks forward to. That time of year is fair season. More specifically the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, Nebraska. Amy and I spent a couple hours at the State Fair playing games and with lights. We had a lot of fun using the games and rides as backgrounds. It felt like going back to childhood. The excitement, fun, and the food. We ended the night with a funnel cake and laughs in the photo session Buying The Ticket.